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4 books to add in your March reading list

The mountain is you

-Brianna West

The mountain has been used as a metaphor for the challenges we face that seems impossible to overcome. Throughout this book you will learn to acknowledge your most damaging habits to help your release past trauma and past negative experience, though an understanding of your emotions and your body language. Most of the time the challenges you face are the ones who keep you from climbing the mountain which is you standing in between your goals and dreams.

Anatomy of the spirit : the seven stages of power and healing

-Caroline Myss

This is a comprehensive guide to healing and understanding your body through energy healing. The author guides us with wisdom from Christian, Hindu and Kaballah traditions. A must read if you are into spirituality and healing your trauma through an intuitive approach.

The code of the extraordinary mind : 10 unconventional laws to redefine your life  & succeed on your own terms

-Vishen Lakhiani

Most people live their lives through limiting rules and beliefs. This book teaches you how to deconstruct those outdated beliefs and redefine your happiness through a 10 points framework. It’s a step by step guide that you can apply to shed years of struggle and elevate your life to your own extraordinary standards.

Only love is real

-Brian Weiss, M. D.

Dr Brian Weiss tells us the story of two patients he helps cure. Through past-life therapy the author shows us how each and everyone of us have a soulmate and at the end the only thing that really matters is Love. It’s an ultimate guide to understanding the purpose and fullness of who we are.
Enjoy !

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