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4 books to add to your reading list | October edition

Here's 4 books suggestion to get cozy during pumpking season !


-A true classic to help you transforme your professionnal and personal life. How to win friends helps you communicate effectively, increase the ability toget things done, to become a best leader and mostly how to make people like you.


 -Best book to help you understand your limitations and accept them. Once you embrace them, you can begin to find the courage, the perseverance and the honesty to seek what is really meant for you.





-Full of advices and hilarious real-life relationships scenarios, this book will help you understand why men are attracted to strong independent women. A revisited guide to help you get your modern prince charmant.




 -This book will teach you about your ego and how our attachment to it creates a a lot of unhapiness and suffering among us. The author shows you how to be more conscious and awaken through the death of our egos.

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