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5 different ways to wear a blazer

A blazer is a must have and timeless piece in a wardrobe. They may have started as one half of a traditional suit for the office, but blazers as always been a piece of it's own and are now consider as a layering piece that can easily be worn with casual clothing. Anywhere from zoom to real life.

Here’s 5 easy ways to wear your blazer this spring.

1-Blazer with a dress

It's good way for layering and to balance a casual dress.

2-Blazer with jeans

It's the quickest way to look professionnal while being stylish.

3-Blazer with activewear

It's the perfect way to jump from your yoga class direct to a meeting.

.4-Blazer with long skirt

It adds layer and to an outfit.

5-Blazer with a belt

It's the perfect way to wear the oversize blazer and to accentuate your waist.

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