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5 tips to extend the life of your clothes

Taking care of your clothes is a big part of slow fashion, slow consummation. Because when you're able to keep them longer, you inevitably buy less. If you are like us and would like to keep your clothes in perfect shape this article is for you.

Here’s 5 easy ways to take care of your loved ones.

1-Read the care label

Most of the fabrics require specific washing instructions, therefore, by taking the time to notice and to apply the right care, you will never be disappointed by a deformation piece (shrink, missing attachment).

2-Hang them don’t tumble dry them

The less drying heat you could apply, the better the fabric will do the long term. Especially if your clothing is made with polyester fiber who gets damaged from the drying heat. You know, like those jeans who love to put in the dryer to get tighter but end up losing up 2 times bigger after 1 hours. The polyester fiber who is supposed to keep the jeans form and stretch as weaken.

3-Use appropriate water temperature

The water temperature here is also important for the shrinkage but is even more important to sanitize the certain piece. For example, bed sheets, kitchen dry cloth and panties.

4-Dry clean when it’s needed

Most of the time when it’s written dry clean on the care label it is because the fabric needs to be protected. It could be damaged by your home washer-dryer heat or water. It is also a better way to remove stains as grease and oil.

5-Use a tissu friendly detergent

Most of the detergents are made with corrosive agent who in the long term could get accumulated in your clothes and make the fabric more fragile, therefore more subjective to whole and loss of colors.

In conclusion, by taking care of your clothes you keep them longer and contribute to the slow fashion movement. Plus, if you do change style our idea about a piece you could still give it away to someone or a non-profit organization.


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