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September is around the corner so is Fall. I'm all for the new season, with new trends and more cold weather for layering.

Here are my 5 favorite trend for Fall that I will definetly hop on.

1-Pink everything
A total pink look will definitely help you exude more confidence while bringing a strong female energy.
2-Colored suits
The perfect mix to have a professional look with a little bit of edge.
3-Animal prints
Animal prints are Fall's bff, it adds an edge to a regular outfit.
4-Preppy style
Back to school, back to work is the main theme of september but this trend is also a perfect way to look like a stylish professional.
Leather is back in full force with the weather going colder. It's definetely a staple to have in your wardrobe.
Let me know what are your favorite trends for this new season !
Cheers xx

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