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The story behind the brand | CORIOLAN

Coriolan blazer sets was born during a pandemic to accommodate a gap in the industry. In March 2020 I had to trade in my favorite fashion pieces, blazers, for my comfy sweaters. I wasn’t using my corporate clothes on a regular basis anymore except for zoom meetings.

The office transition to home wasn’t going to well for me. I have mainly worn jogging sets because I was alone home and I wanted to stay comfortable. Except for zoom meetings, where I would grab a blazer and put it on top of my sweater. Then the home dynamic grew on me, and I wanted to stay comfy while looking good. From there the idea to create a blazer and matching pants in a comfy, wrinkle less fabric was born. Theses sets are perfect for home but also for a corporate environment.

My mission is to offer fashionable city clothes for women through exclusive selections. Here's a special code for you guys who have read so far, use BLOG20 at check out for 20% off. Because every woman deserves to be comfortable online and in real life. From zoom to real life Coriolan allows them to link comfort to conformity.


 Full brand video click here


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